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Ōetsu Nimaiya
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul King, Soul Society
Position Protecting the Soul King
Division Royal Guard
Base of Operations Soul King Palace
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Shikai N/A
Bankai N/A

Ōetsu Nimaiya is a member of the Royal Guard, holding the title "God of the Sword".


Ōetsu is a dark-skinned man with thick, black hair that is shaven and dyed green on the sides of his head. He wears a variation of the Shinigami Shihakushō, featuring instead a green undergarment, and a shortened hakama that exposes his lower legs. Worn over this is a white, sleeveless puffer jacket that bears the Royal Guard emblem on its back, as well as the alternating circle and diamond pattern of a captain's haori along the bottom. His attire is completed by gold-framed sunglasses with blue lenses, and a pair of green slippers that are gold trimmed and have a shoe-like appearance.


According to Kirio Hikifune, he is an unpredictable man. Ōetsu is quite a lively and energetic individual, being prone to grandiose entrances and greetings. He has a tendency of going overboard, as he portrays a certain image as to take away from the fact that he lives in a humble state.

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