Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Like all Arrancar and Shinigami, Mila Rose is able to fly, or more specifically levitate.

High Spiritual Power: Being an Arrancar  as well as one of Fracción, Abirama has a lieutenant-level amount of Reiryoku.


Águila (空戦鷲 (アギラ), Agira; Spanish for "Eagle", Japanese for "Sky Battle Eagle"). Its sealed form is a standard-sized red katana, which has an oval-shaped guard with a protrusion on four sides.

  • Resurrección: Its release command is Scalp (頂を削れ, Itadaki o kezure; Scrape the summit in the English dub). In his released form, he has a white eagle's head, which has his mouth visible inside the beak, with black streaks running down it, and his black hair extends to his lower back. His body is covered in red feathers, and his arms and feet become bird-like with sharp talons. He gains large bird wings on his back, which allows him to fly at great speed and his exposed chest is covered in various tattoo markings.
    Águila released

    Águila released.

Resurrección Special Ability: In this form, Abirama gains several new abilities.

  • Pluma Viento (餓翼風盾 (プルーマ・ビエト), Purūma Biento; Spanish for "Feather Wind", Japanese for "Ravening Wing Wind Shield"): Abirama can ward off attacks with a flap of his wing, dissipating the attack or blocking it.
  • Devorar Erupcion (噴血餓相 (デボラル・エルプシオン), Deboraru Erupushion; Spanish for "Devouring Eruption", Japanese for "Blood-Spuming Rapacity"): Abirama can split his wings into two pairs for increased maneuverability by slicing along his chest tattoos with his talons to draw spiritually energized blood, allowing for the alteration. This gives him a more intricate and detailed mask
  • Flight: Abirama is able to use his wings for flight.
  • Devorar Pluma (餓翼連砲 (デボラ・プルーマ), debora puruma; Spanish for "Devouring Feather", Japanese for "Hungry Wing Rapid-Fire Gun"): Abirama's wings can shoot feathers, but unlike normal feathers, these are as heavy as steel and can regenerate rapidly after being tossed. He can fire them with extreme accuracy, be it directly at the target or the surrounding area. They are strong enough to pierce through building structures with ease.
    Abirama's Devorar Pluma used in his Devorar Erupcion form.

    Abirama's Devorar Pluma used in his Devorar Erupcion form.

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