Ayon is a Chimera-like being created by the Quimera Parca ability, made from Apacci Emilou, Franceska Mila Rose, and Cyan Sung-Sun's left arms.


Ayon is a tremendously large being with a white deer skull at the center of its head. It has a long, dark brown mane, which flows to its lower back, with a lighter brown fur covering its arms and legs. A long, greenish-white snake tail extends from below the mane. In place of feet, it has two black hooves. Rangiku Matsumoto states looking into what she believed to be its eyes is like staring down into a bottomless hole. Being created from Tia Harribel's three Fracción, the parts of its body are made of parts representative of them. Its lower body and deer mask is representative of Apacci Emilou , its mane and arms come from Franceska Mila Rose, and its snake tail is from Cyan Sung-Sun. Its three creators believe it does not have ears under its mane, which is why it never responds to their commands.

Underneath its long mane lies a large mouth, large enough to fit a Human inside whole. It has two large eyes situated beneath the deer skull horns.


Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto claims Ayon is a beast who thinks of nothing more than killing. It does not respond to the orders of its creators, though it does appear to have some level of concern for their well-being.Sung-Sun states she has never seen it respond to anything they say.Despite this, Ayon seems to have a level of cunning as it was able to feign defeat from Shūhei Hisagi's Kidō, luring him into an attack.

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