Ball Weevil is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Ball Weevil is a small bug-like alien. He is yellow in color with black eyes and green pupils. He has four stick legs and a beak along with an antenna. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on a green and white brace around his neck. He is a little taller than Grey Matter.

As seen in Arrested Development, as an 11 year old (with current Omnitrix), Ball Weevil seemed a little smaller and his voice also seemed a bit higher.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ball Weevil can spit round, green, sticky balls of plasma, that absorb matter and explode upon impact, although it has been shown in Rules of Engagement that Ball Weevil himself controls when the explosion happens. The size of these balls depend on how much matter they absorb before impact. Ball Weevil's slime can be in more shapes than just balls.

Ball Weevil has enhanced agility being able to roll on his balls and he can climb on walls.

Ball Weevil seems to have enhanced strength for his size as shown in While You Were Away he stopped his giant plasma ball.


Because of his size, Ball Weevil is not suitable for physical battles. As seen in Of Predators And Prey: Part 1, it is hard for Ball Weevil to balance on his balls, because it was his first time Ben uses him. Ball Weevil's goo balls can be neutralized by Terroranchula's energy webs.

He can aso be trapped Terroranchula's webs.

In Rules Of Engagement, it's revealed Ball Weevil can be stuck himself in his own goo.


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