Original TimelineEdit



Baraggan overestimates the abilities of his Fraccion. Like most other Espada; with the exception of Tia Harribel, Baraggan shows little to no concern for his Fraccion and was quick to call two of them useless when they were defeated. Despite this, half of his Fraccion are loyal to him for some reason.


Ben TennysonEdit

Baraggan made no effort to hide his obvious hatred towards Ben, simply because he's a human. The former King of Hueco Mundo did everything he could to get rid of the Ultimatrix wielder and even blamed him for the invasion of Las Noches.

Sosuke AizenEdit

Baraggan hates Aizen for deposing and enslaving him and desperately wants to kill him. Ironically, Baraggan was the only member of the top four Espada whom did not betray Aizen, something the latter noted with amusement.

Alternative TimelineEdit



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