Professional Status
Affiliation Vandenreich
Epithet H
Military Branch Stern Ritter
Base of Operations Vandenreich HQ
Primary Skill
Spirit Weapon Reishi Fire


Thousand-Year Blood WarEdit

First Assault on Soul SocietyEdit

When the Vandenreich invade Soul Society, Bazz B participates in the assault.


Bazz B is forced to assist his comrades in rebuilding their headquarters. Eon suddenly appears, offering vital information on Ben. When asked why, he declares that it would be uninteresting if the Vandenreich were completely unprepared, causing an enraged Bazz B to ask if Eon sees them as anything more than entertainment. When Eon affirms this, Bazz B angrily attacks him, but Eon effortlessly overpowers him and causes his arm to age and rot before knocking him sideways with a mere flick of his wrist. He mocks the Vandenreich, then heals Bazz B's arm with a wave of his hand. Yhwach steps forward and cautiously (but graciously) accepts Eon's offer while Bazz B seethes in rage. As Eon explains the powers of Ben's alien forms, Bazz B (and some others) laughs at the ridiculousness of the names of some of the forms, but is silenced by Eon. When the time-traveling criminal reveals that Ben lives in an alternate world that only through him can the Vandenreich have access to, Bazz B immediately volunteers to kill Ben, but his offer is rejected by Yhwach, who decides to send a brainwashed Arrancar instead.

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