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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Like all Arrancar and Shinigami, Charlotte is able to fly, or more specifically levitate.

Enhanced Strength: Charlotte possesses great physical strength, breaking Yumichika Ayasegawa's 's  arm in three places with just a downward slash of his Zanpakutō and effortlessly blocking his surprise attack with only one hand on his Zanpakutō.

Enhanced Reflexes: Charlotte possess considerable reflexes, nonchalantly blocking Yumichika's surprise attack.

High Reiatsu: As an Arrancar  and one of Baraggan Louisenbairn's 's  Fracción, Charlotte possesses a lieutenant-level amount of Reiryoku, allowing him to fight evenly with Yumichika, a lieutenant-level Shinigami.

Beautiful Charlotte Chuhlhourne's Miracle Sweet Ultra Funky Fantastic Dramatic Romantic Sadistic Erotic Exotic Athletic Guillotine Attack : Leaping into the air, Charlotte rolls rapidly towards his target. It is very powerful, for upon connecting, Yumichika, a lieutenant-level fighter, was sent crashing down.

Beautiful Charlotte Chuhlhourne's Perfect Stylish Dangerous Psychedelic Valuable Economical Continental Incredible Unbelievable Shining Attack: Rolling backwards onto a surface, Charlotte, kicking himself off, spins while announcing the attack's name, culminating with a single horizontal slash with his sword.


Reina De Rosas (宮廷薔薇園ノ美女王 (レイーナ・デ・ロサス), Reīna de Rosasu; Spanish for "Queen of Roses", Japanese for "Beautiful Queen of the Palace Rose Garden"). When unreleased, it is a large katana with a purple handle and sheath, and a hilt shaped like a flower with holes in the petals.

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