Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Swordsman: The sealed form of Cirucci's Zanpakutō is very different compared to those of other Arrancars, yet she wields it with great ease, power and precision. Uryū Ishida commented that although she is an Arrancar, Cirucci is pretty light, enabling her to snap Golondrina fast enough to deflect his spirit arrows.

Adept Strategist: During her fight with Uryū Ishida, she made it seem as though her Zanpakutō was limited to always attacking in a straight line when thrown, and when pulled back. Uryū decided to fire his arrows in other directions as opposed to simply in front of her, and in doing so destroyed most of the pillars. This is exactly what Cirucci wanted him to do, as it created more openings for her attacks. This, coupled with her knowledge of different ranged attacks, showed she was more than decent at devising strategies against an opponent.

Enhanced Strength: Like all Arrancar, Cirucci has demonstrated a superhuman level of strength. While swinging her Zanpakutō, she was able to break down building-sized pillars without much effort, and grind craters into the ground.

High Reiatsu: As a former Espada, Cirucci has great spiritual energy. As stated by Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio, Cirucci, a Privaron Espada, is one of the most powerful Arrancar in Las Noches, only being outclassed by the current Espada.


Golondrina (Spanish for "Swallow") In its sealed state, it takes the form of a whip with a disc-shaped blade (similar to a yo-yo) looped into it that is capable of deflecting incoming projectiles in addition to its function as a standard whip. Golondrina's path can be curved after it is thrown, but it needs plenty of space to do so. In such conditions, Cirucci can curve Golondrina's path to such a degree that it can follow an opponent. Golondrina is somewhat durable as well, able to deflect a Quincy's spirit arrows with minor effects.
Golondrina sealed stated

Golondrina sealed stated

  • Resurrección: Its released command is Rip Off (掻っ切れ, kakkire; "Rip" in the English Dub). When she releases it, large wings sprout from Cirucci's back, allowing her to fly, though she is capable of moving them in mid-flight as though they were limbs. They each have ten crescent-shaped blades on them in place of feathers. Her mask becomes a beak-like headpiece with a large, feathery mane protruding from it, covering most of her body and trailing past her legs. She also gains a long, prehensile tail, which emerges from her back. Large pieces of armor that resemble the disc of Golondrina's sealed state form around her shoulders. In addition, her arms become long and slender, with large claws.
    Cirucci Released

    Cirucci Released

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