• Starrk's Katana

    Starrk's katana

    Sword: While having no special properties, Starrk wields a standard-sized katana. He uses it as a weapon in his un-released state to make up for that fact that he doesn't have a standard Zanpakuto. It sports a pewter-colored rectangular guard, with small protrusions on each corner, and a sun-like design wrapped around the hilt's collar. The hilt itself is a yellow color, and the sheath is a metallic-gold color.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsman: Starrk has demonstrated tremendous skill in swordsmanship, despite rarely showing it.

Master Marksman: Starrk has proven to be quite skilled with his pistols when released. He is capable of firing very precise Ceros while fighting more than one opponent and can launch a continuous barrage of Ceros that even captain-class fighters have difficulty avoiding.

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