Diamondhead is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Petrosapien from the planet Petropia.


Diamondhead is a silicon-based life form that is about 7 feet in height. His body is composed of durable green crystals. He sports 4 green crystal points on his back and has a sharp head.

In the original series, Diamondhead wore a uniform which is black on one half and white on the other with a black patch on the left chest where the Omnitrix symbol is.

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Diamondhead's torso is similar to Chromastone's, consisting of indigo crystal which has black lines and dots over it. There are now six crystal points on his back instead of 4 and he now also sports two more on the front of his chest. He wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Diamondhead's body is composed of extremely dense organic green crystals. He has the ability to manipulate the atomic structure of his physiology at will, allowing him to form his limbs into crude weapons, however he can control all crystals, regardless of it being part of his biological structure or not. He can launch crystal shards sequentially out of his fists, and can create a powerful attack in which he expels shards in all directions, and as he aged these shards began to explode upon impact. He can make monstrous clusters of crystals, conjuring walls and forming crystal shields and ramps. He can reshape his projectiles into limited shapes, and can also form gaping hands to capture enemies. He can levitate crystla prisms, and he is capable of encasing enemies in crystals. It has been shown he can create crystals inside of objects and cause them to spike out.

Diamondhead's body resembles a living prism, allowing weapons similar to lasers to be refracted and rendered useless. He is able to absorb energy blasts and redirect them, rather than just refracting. Diamondhead is also resistant to fire and heat. He has superhuman strength, and can regenerate, though to a limited extent.


Diamondhead can shatter if exposed to strong sonic vibrations and might even fall unconscious. While Diamondhead can regenerate limbs, there is a limit to how much damage he can recover from.

The two shards on his back can also leave him suspended on a wall or other surface he's been knocked into.


Original TimelineEdit

Alternative TimelineEdit

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