Dondochakka Birstanne
Race Arrancar
Birthday June 30
Gender Male
Height 6'8"
Weight 357 lbs.
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Aizen's Arrancar Army
Previous Occupation Nel Tu's Fracción

Arrancar #42

Previous Team Números
Partner Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, Pesche Guatiche, Bawabawa
Base of Operations Las Noches, Hueco Mundo
Personal Status
Resurrección Unknown

Dondochakka Birstanne is one of Nel Tu's "brothers" and protectors.


Dondochakka has a large, heavyset, but dumpy body with short appendages with small, white hands and feet. He wears a hooded yellow bodysuit which is covered with black polka dots of varying sizes. His head is very large, being almost as big as his body, and unlike most Arrancar, his Hollow mask covers his entire head, and the eyes and mouth also function properly as if it was his real face. His mask resembles a stereotypical tiki mask with exaggerated colorful features, including large eyes and teeth, as well as a prominent nose.


Despite his large, menacing appearance, Dondochakka is prone to tear-filled outbursts at the slightest provocation, particularly when he is worried about something or someone, such as Nel. He tends to be dimwitted at times, more so than Pesche, at one point resolving to follow Nel, only to run after Renji Abarai instead. He does so believing that Pesche is with him, not noticing that his fellow Arrancar had not been present for some time. He seems to be rather proud of the polka dots on his back, becoming offended when Uryū Ishida refers to them as just "dots."