Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Dordoni appears to have little interest in actually utilizing his Zanpakutō in battle, preferring to attack foes unarmed with what appears to be an entirely kick-based martial art similar to savate. During his battle against Ichigo, he proved more than capable of handling Ichigo's Shikai with only his feet.

  • Barón Puntapiés Alto (男爵蹴踋術・上段 (バロン・プンタビエス・アルト), Baron Puntabiesu Aruto; Spanish for "Baron High Kicks", Japanese for "Baron Kick Skid - Upper Tier"): A technique that allows Dordoni to use a backward kick that's powerful enough to dissipate Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō.

Cero: Like many Arrancar, Dordoni is capable of firing red Cero blasts. He does this by performing a series of rapid arm movements before forming a pentagon with his index and pinky fingers and then creating it in the middle.

Dordonii Cero

Dordoni charging Cero.

Bala: Dordoni is capable of firing Bala blasts from his hand.

Sonído Expert: He also seems to be highly proficient with Sonído.

Hierro: Throughout his fight against Ichigo, Dordoni showed a respectfully powerful steel skin, capable of countering Ichigo's sword attacks with heel-kicks and sustaining no injuries. Dordoni was even able to take Nel's Cero Doble with only minor injuries (albeit Nel was in her much weaker child form).

High Spiritual Power: As a former Espada, Dordoni has some considerable spiritual energy. As a former Espada member, Dordoni is very powerful, revealing that he (among the other Privaron Espada) is stronger than most of the other Arrancar, only being outclassed by the current Espada. Despite the pride he takes in his abilities, however, he admitted (in his thoughts) that Ichigo probably could have beaten him with his Bankai alone.

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