Findor Carius
Findor Calius
Race Arrancar
Birthday June 27
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 147 lbs.)
Professional Status
Affiliation Aizen's Arrancar Army
Previous Occupation Fraccion of Baraggan Luisenbarn
Team Numeros
Base of Operations Las Noches
Personal Status
Relatives None
Resurrección Pinza Aguda

Findor Carius is an Arrancar in Sosuke Aizen's  army and one of Baraggan Luisenbarn's six Fraccion.


Findor is a slim male Arrancar. The remains of his Hollow mask consist of a smooth helmet covering the upper half of his face with eye holes and a row of teeth sewn across his chin like a strap. His Hollow hole is not visible. Findorr's Arrancar outfit vaguely resembles a Spanish soldier. He has customized it with shoulder pads, knee-high boots and a knife like protrusion on both his sleeves that extend along the top of his hands. He wears his hakama in a similar style to Nnoitra Jiruga, with the legs tucked into his boots. He has long, flowing blond hair and leopard-like light purple markings around his gray eyes.


He initially appears to be the most composed member of Baraggan's Fraccion, but this is eventually shown to be a facade. Findor, while acting cool and collected at first, clearly enjoys battle and when riled can seem to be a bit maniacal. He is rather arrogant and fairly confident in his abilities.

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