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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Like all Arrancar and Shinigami, Mila Rose is able to fly, or more specifically levitate.

Expert Swordsman: Mila Rose has considerable skill in the art of swordsmanship.


Mila Rose's orange Cero

Cero: Mila Rose's Cero is orange. She charges it in her left hand, then "punches" it with her right.

Sonido: Like all Arrancar, Mila Rose can use Sonido, though her level of proficiency with it is unknown, though likely on par with most Numeros.

High Reiatsu: Mila Rose's reiatsu is like that of most Fraccion, though likely not on par with the Espada. Her reiatsu is orange-red.

Quimera Parca (Spanish for "Sparing Chimera"): A special ability Mila Rose shares with her fellow Fraccion. To activate it, each one of them tears off their left arm, which combine to form a new, powerful creature called Ayon. Ayon is gigantic, towering over many other characters. It has a deer skull for a head, a massive muscular torso, a long black mane, deer legs, and a serpent for a tail.


Leona Unreleased

Mila Rose's Zanpakuto

Leona (Spanish for "Lioness"): When sealed, Mila Rose's Zanpakuto resembles a western-style broad sword.
  • Leona Release

    "Leona" released

    Resurreccion: Its release command is "Devour". In her released state, Mila Rose resembles an armored Amazon warrior, with two claws holding her large breasts, an armored thong, an armor-like neck garment, and a pair of boots which extend to her upper thigh. She gains sharp lion-like fangs, an orange x-shaped mark on her forehead, and a long lion mane with gold highlights. She retains her broad sword, though it changes in size, shape, and color.

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