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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: During his fight with Chad he demonstrated enough strength to easily overpower Chad's second form of Brazo Derecho del Gigante, including catching a charged punch with relative ease and launching Chad across the room into walls.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: He has demonstrated tremendous skill in bare-handed combat as shown from his ability to initially dodge and counter all of Yasutora Sado's physical attacks.

Sonido Expert: Gantenbainne has also demonstrated skill with Sonído.

High Spiritual Power: As stated by Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio, Gantenbainne, a Privaron Espada, is one of the strongest Arrancar in Las Noches, only being outclassed by the current Espada.


Dragra (龍拳 (ドラグラ), Doragura; Japanese for "Dragon Fist"): In its sealed state, Dragra exists as a pair of two-pronged punch daggers attached to Gantenbainne's wrists via hinges.[

  • Spiritual Energy Generation: Energy can be collected and discharged between the tips of either set of prongs, dramatically enhancing Gantenbainne's melee strikes.
  • Uno Dos Cientos (1・2・100 (ウーノ・ドス・シエントス), Ūno Dosu Shientosu; Spanish for "One Two Hundreds"): A rapid combination of energy-augmented punches that is delivered in three distinct stages. The first of these, "Uno", involves a potent right-handed chambered punch to the opponent's abdomen. This is immediately followed by "Dos", numerous jabs from both arms dealt in quick succession, which Gantenbainne then concludes with "Cientos", a devastating overhand strike that is capable of shattering even the floor of Tres Cifras.

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