Ggio Vega
Race Arrancar
Birthday May 7
Gender Male
Height 5'4"
Weight 106 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Sōsuke Aizen's Arrancar Army
Occupation Baraggan Luisenbarn's Fracción
Team Numeros
Partner Baraggan Luisenbarn, Choe Neng Poww, Abirama Redder, Findorr Carius, Charlotte Cuuhlhourne, Nirgge Parduoc
Base of Operations Las Noches, Hueco Mundo
Personal Status
Relatives None
Resurrección Tigre Estoque

Ggio Vega is an Arrancar in Sosuke Aizen's army and one of Baraggan Luisenbarn's six Fraccion.


Ggio is a slim, male Arrancar with scruffy black hair, a short braided ponytail, golden eyes, and a rather youthful, feminine face. He is the shortest member of Baraggan's Fracción. The remnants of his Hollow mask resemble the skull of a Saber-tooth cat, and are worn on the top of his head as a helmet. His Hollow hole is not visible.

Ggio wears the white standard Arrancar uniform, but it is customized and partly resembles a mandarin-style jacket with a small opening at his chest area, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, an upturned collar and hakama; all of which like other Arrancar's clothing are white. His shoes are also similar to Choe Neng Poww's, resembling traditional martial arts training shoes. His hakama are also slightly different from normal, as the legs are rather close-fitting and lack the creases normal hakama have.


Ggio shares a similar attitude to Captain Sui-Feng; both are calm, loyal, firm, and antagonistic toward their subordinates, however, Ggio is cocky, sarcastic and somewhat boastful. Like his fellow Fraccion, he holds his master in high regard, and refers to him as "his majesty". However, he has little care for any of the other Fracción on his side, matching the relationship of Sui-Feng to her lieutenant Marechiyo Omaeda. During battle, he tends to taunt his opponents by telling them what they should have done, then attacking them viciously. He does not like to be underestimated, and becomes greatly annoyed once he is. Ironically, he underestimates his enemies several times.

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