Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Like all  Shinigami and Arrancar, Hachi is able to fly, or more specifically, levitate.

Kido Master: As the former Lieutenant of the Kidō corps, Hachigen is a powerful Kidō  master. He has shown his mastery particularly in Binding spells up to #99, fully controlling it without an incantation though it seems to tire him out when he exerts such high level spiritual energy.

Swordsman: While a pacifist at heart and preferring Kidō as his primary combat style, Hachi does indeed engage in sword combat when the moment arises. Being a former Lieutenant in a formalized military, he was trained in swordsmanship though has not shown any skill in it as yet. Lisa has pointed out during their sparring match with Ichigo's body, placing him in a position to engage in sword combat is akin to not actually fighting. Hachi is also noticeably uncomfortable at the prospect of having to engage in sword play.

Shunpo: While possessing the ability to use flash steps, unfortunately for him, Hachi is not as fast as the other Visored. He becomes noticeably winded, just by trying to keep up with them.

Great Reiatsu: Hachi excels in Kidō which requires considerable reserves of spiritual power as well as control over that power in order to properly cast spells. Being a Visored, Hachi possesses a dual type spiritual energy, part Shinigami and part Hollow. His Reiatsu is orange.

Highly Intellectual Observant: Hachi has been shown to be very observant of his opponents' abilities and powers, even going as far as to use it against them.


His Zanpakutō has a broad blade and a square shaped hilt. Hachigen has demonstrated that he can summon it via Kidō.

  • Shikai: Not Yet Revealed
  • Bankai: Not Yet Achieved


Hollow Mask: His mask was first seen as a plain one with goggle eyes, though it was not fully formed yet. It was later fully revealed when the Visored came to fight Aizen. It strongly resembles a traditional Balinese demon mask, with tusks and protrusions from the top. A row of feather-like spikes also stick out from the top of the mask, similar to a Native American headdress.

Power Augmentation: While wearing his mask, Hachi's Hollow powers supplement his Shinigami powers, giving him a vast increase in his Kido abilities.
Hachi's Mask

Hachigen's Hollow Mask.

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