Humans (short for Homo sapiens in modern biology) are the main inhabitants of Earth and Ledgerdomain.

A Human (人間, Ningen) is a living being who lives in the Human World. Most beings who live in the Human World are Humans. A Human's body, like everything else in the Human World, is constructed out of Kishi (器子, Holdlets) and contains a Soul, bound to it by the Chain of Fate. Humans are the opposite of the Hollow.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Kevin explains that some humans that look normal may be part alien. According to Kevin, people with alien ancestry are actually pretty common on Earth. They are especially common among the offspring of Plumbers.

Depending on the person, magic is something that a gifted individual is capable of doing, such as Hope, Hex and Spellbinder. Humans are one of the few known species that can perform magic.


Humans are about average or below average in almost every mental and physical aspect, making them easy to beat. Humans are vunerable to DNA targeting weaponary, due to the fact that their DNA only varies by less than 1% from person to person. Any strength Humans have usually comes from their numbers making them highly vunerable when alone.

Notable HumansEdit


Karakura TownEdit

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