Kenpachi Zaraki
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Position Captain of the 11th Division
Division 11th Division
Partner Yachiru Kusajishi
Base of Operations 11 Division HQ
Personal Status
Relatives Yachiru Kusajishi (adopted daughter)
Education N/A
Shikai Unknown
Bankai None


Invasion of Las NochesEdit

Captains MeetingEdit


Kenpachi Zaraki and his Lieutenant Yachiru, came to Hueco Mundo along with Captain Mayuri, Unohana and Buyakuya, and their Lieutenants.


Due to Zaraki's constant hunger of fighting powerful individuals, he was eager to fight Ben; specifically his Alien X form. He even went as far as attacking Ben without warning (much like what he does with Ichigo) so as to provoke him to transform. However, his attempts were intervened by Harribel and Nelliel; who, due to their protective natures and love for Ben, threatened to kill Zaraki.


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