Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Matter Absorption - Kevin's most distinctive ability, he is able to absorb materials like wood, stone, and metal and change his body to change its density to follow suite, increasing his strength and durability.
  • Matter Manipulation - When Kevin was mutated in Alien Force, he could not return to human form, but learned that he could reshape his body into various shapes, which he does frequently with his hands, making swords, maces, hammers, and has shown other uses, including turning his hand into a key, coating others in the substance to protect them, turn absorbed matter into a liquid form, and merge with the substance that he absorbed, using both of these abilities in Too Hot to Handle to fuse with P'andor's suit and make makeshift handcuffs from his containment suit.
  • Enhanced Strength- Even when not absorbing matter, Kevin is strong enough to throw several people with little strain
  • Enhanced Durability- Attacks that would normal severely injury a normal human have been shown to only cause moderate discomfort for Kevin
  • Expert Engineer, Mechanist, and Motorist - While Kevin never had a formal education, he is very smart scientifically, as when both he and Ben argue that they cannot use their powers with Plumber suits in Deep, he modifies them to give off electric pulses for self defense and propelling units to travel through Piscciss. He is also an expert when it comes to alien technology, having fitted both the Rust Bucket and his car with plenty of alien weapons. Kevin is a good motorist being able to race and chase both in his car and the Rust Bucket 3.
  • Expert Analyst - When Kevin and his team reached the site of a battle that happened several hours earlier between Aggreggor and the Plumbers, he was able to analyze what happened in that battle.
  • Criminal Contacts - Kevin, after being released from the Null Void, was able to make his way into the intergalactic black market by selling weapons, giving him a number of contacts and experience in the criminal underworld, most notably Argit.
  • DNA Absorption - His most notorious ability, Kevin has been shown to be able to absorb DNA as shown in his debut episode, gaining Pyronite (Heatblast) and Tetramand (Four Arms) DNA, becoming a hybrid. However, this has a bad side-effect, because if he absorbs a lot of DNA, which is like an addictive drug for Osmosians, he becomes an unstable hybrid of them all, gaining all their powers, but it removes his sanity, making him a mindless monster.

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