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Original TimelineEdit


Gwen TennysonEdit

Gwen is Kevin's girlfriend and he cares a great deal about her.

Ben TennysonEdit

Back when Ben was 10, Kevin and Ben used to be friends, until Kevin planned to blow up a train and when he gained the DNA of Ben's forms, used him as a scapegoat for his national crimes. When he mutated, due to his instability, he blamed Ben for becoming a freak. After his time in the Null Void, though, he became an arms deal, and initially seemed only to help Ben because of the promise he made to the late Magister Labrid, but over time, came to see Ben and Gwen as true allies, becoming Ben's best friend in the process.

Tia HarribelEdit

Tres BestiasEdit

Lilynette GingerbackEdit

Ulquiorra CiferEdit


Mayuri KurotsuchiEdit

Will HaraungeEdit



Toshiro HitsugayaEdit

Genryusai Shigekuni YamamotoEdit

Alternative TimelineEdit


Gwen TennysonEdit



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