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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Bala: Like a typical Arrancar, Loly can fire Bala, though it is not very powerful.

Reiatsu: Loly's level of reiatsu is not very high, but noticeable. Her reiatsu is pink.

Cero: Loly can fire a red Cero, which she blasts from her mouth.


Loly zanpakuto

Loly's knife-like Zanpakuto

Escolopendra (Spanish for "Centipede"): Loly's Zanpakuto takes the form of a small dagger in its sealed state.
  • Loly release

    "Escolopendra" unleashed

    Resurreccion: Its release command is "Poison". In her released state, she takes on the form of a centipede-like creature. Her mask grows and covers both of her cheeks. She grows armor over her legs, arms, breasts, and neck. Her arms take the form of two long centipede-like creatures. They have the body of a centipede without the head.
Resurreccion Special Ability: Anything she touches in this form is instantly eroded away by the poison that drips from her arms. She can also apparently shoot a corrosive liquid from her extra limbs.

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