Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Like most Shinigami and Arrancar, Luppi and use his reiatsu to fly or levitate in the air.

Great Spiritual Power: As the former sexta Espada, Luppi possesses a great amount of reiatsu. In addition, he is capable of easily fending off against three lieutenant-level Shinigami and a captain during the initial stages of the Espada's second invasion of Karakura Town.


Trepadora (蔦嬢 (トレパドーラ), Torepadōra; Spanish for "Climbing Vine"; Japanese for "Ivy Girl"): When sealed, his Zanpakutō resembles a kodachi with a four-pronged silver tsuba, pink sheathe and matching colored hilt. He wears his Zanpakutō on his left side, just under his arm, in a little compartment within his shirt.

  • Resurrección: Trepadora's release command is Strangle (縊れ, kubire). It manifests as eight enormous tentacles, with a bone cowl also appearing on Luppi's head. Each of the tentacles connects to Luppi at one of the corners of an octagonal design fixated on his back, which is very similar to the Chinese Ba Gua symbol.
    Luppi released

    Luppi's Resurrección, Trepadora.

  • Lanza Tentaculo (触槍 (ランサ・テンタクーロ), Ransa Tentakūro; Spanish for Lance Tentacle; Japanese for Tactile Lance): a technique that has one of his tentacles lunge at an opponent very fast, attacking with a considerable force.
  • Jaula Tentaculo (触檻 (ハウラ・テンタクーロ), Haura Tentakūro; Spanish for Cage Tentacle; Japanese for Tactile Cage): a technique where Luppi sends his tentacles to attack a target all at once from multiple angles, crushing the target with brute force.
  • La Hélice (旋腕陣 (ラ・ヘリーセ), Ra Herīse; Spanish for The Propeller; Japanese for Whirling Arm Array): a technique that allows Luppi to spin his tentacles around like a propeller, attacking multiple foes at once with fast whip-like attacks.
  • Hierro Virgen (鉄の処女 (イエロ・ビルヘン), Iero Biruhen; Japanese and Spanish for Iron Maiden): The tentacles can grow sharp spikes at the ends in order to inflict additional damage upon an opponent.

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