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Original TimelineEdit


Ben TennysonEdit

Ben is Nelliel's love interest. This first started when Ben saved her from a mole Hollow, and Ben began to care for her like an older brother. Nelliel, however, became very possessive of Ben around Tia and her Fraccion, due to her developing a crush on Ben. Her feelings were so strong that when Nnoitra began insulting Ben and nearly killed him, she transformed into her adult form, fighting Nnoitra off and healing Ben. She was also touched when Ben planned on fighting Szayel not because he needed to, but because he wanted to, and helped him fight the scientist Arrancar. Her feelings were so strong that when Ben fought against Ulquiorra, she was ready to fight alongside him while injured, as she was unable to bear the thought of losing him. Currently, she does want Ben for herself, but does not mind sharing him with the rest of his harem. Ben also grew to love Nelliel back.

Tia HarribelEdit

When she was in her child form, she jealously tried to keep Ben to herself from Harribel, blatantly asking her what her relationship with Ben was. The two Espada respect each other for their powers, and are willing to share Ben along with the rest of his harem, but they both want Ben to ultimately love them.

Ulquiorra CiferEdit

Coyote StarrkEdit

Tres BestaisEdit

Orihime InoueEdit

Gwen TennysonEdit

Kevin LevinEdit

Max TennysonEdit


Sosuke AizenEdit

Nnoitra JirugaEdit

Baraggan LuisenbarnEdit

Baraggan's FraccionEdit

Loly AivirrneEdit

Circus FreaksEdit


Elena ValidusEdit

Alternative TimelineEdit


Ben TennysonEdit

Ichigo KurosakiEdit

Orihime InoueEdit


Tia HarribelEdit



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