Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: Nirgge possesses great physical strength. With one strike of his sealed Zanpakutō, he overpowered Marechiyo Ōmaeda, destroying part of a building in the process, and sent Ōmaeda flying away with a slap to the face.

Cero: Nirgge can charge a light blue-green Cero in his left hand. [1]

Hierro: Like all Arrancar, Nirgge possesses the passive ability known as Hierro, allowing him to withstand repeated strikes from Ōmaeda's sealed Zanpakutō without sustaining any damage.


Mamut (Spanish for "Mammoth"): In its sealed state, it resembles an average katana with a silver, oval-like guard and a light green handle.

  • Resurrección: It is released by the command "Trample" (踏み潰せ, fumitsubuse; Stomp down in the English dub). Upon calling out the release command, Nirgge transforms into a form resembling a humanoid woolly mammoth. In this form, his body is covered in green fur, with the tusks of his Hollow mask remnants enlarging to become reminiscent of an actual mammoth's tusks. He gains a large grey trunk from the center forehead of what is left of his Hollow mask remnants. This significant increase in size slows him down. [2]
Resurrección Special Ability: In this form, Nirgge's natural abilities are enhanced.
  • Enhanced Strength: Nirgge's physical strength is enhanced, allowing him to destroy a large section of a building with his trunk, punch Ōmaeda into the ground, and jump to great heights.
  • Enhanced Hierro: Nirgge's Hierro is enhanced, allowing him to withstand a crushing blow from Ōmaeda's Shikai while remaining conscious and only sustaining a light injury.
  • Extendable Trunk: Nirgge can stretch his trunk to almost ten times its original length, allowing him to bind his enemies and toss them around his surroundings.

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