Orihime Inoue
Professional Status
Affiliation Ichigo's Group, Karakura Town
Occupation High School Student
Team Ichigo's Group
Base of Operations Inoue House
Weapons Shun Shun Rikka
Personal Status
Relatives (see Overview)


Las NochesEdit


On Aizen's orders, Ulquiorra Cifer, the Cuarto (Fourth) Espada, kidnapped Orihime and took her to Las Noches, where she was imprisoned and kept under guard, usually by Loly Aivirrne and her partner Menoly Mallia. Ulquiorra ordered her not to reveal the circumstances behind her presence in Las Noches to a guest in Los Noches.

Meeting BenEdit

One day, when Ben wanders into her cell, Orihime was surprised to see another human in Las Noches. She even pulled his cheeks to see if he was real. After Ben assured her that he is a human, the two introduce themselves to each other. Because of Ulquiorra's orders, and hoping not to harm Ben because she reveals the truth, she lies to him. After revealing her powers, she is punched by Tsubaki, shocking Ben, who immediately transforms into a tiny insectoid robot, even smaller than her fairies, which is revealed to Ben, now calling himself Nanomech, and then Tsubaki and Nanomech get into an aerial fight, with Orihime desperately attempting to break them up. After Ben is able to defeat Tsubaki, he reveals the secret of the Ultimatrix puts own a show involving several of his alien forms to cheer her up, using aliens like Swampfire, Goop, Four Arms, Chromastone, Big Chill, and Water Hazard.

Invasion of Las NochesEdit


Group MovementEdit

Kidnapped AgainEdit

Post-Winter WarEdit

Fake Karakura TownEdit

Beach PartyEdit

Orihime attends the beach party celebrating Aizen's defeat. During the game of Chicken Fight, she is paired with Ulquiorra, who, according to Kevin, may have feelings for her.


  • Orihime is the first member of Ichigo's group to meet Ben.
    • She is also the first human that Ben has met since coming to Hueco Mundo.
  • When she first sees Way Big, Orihime excitedly calls him "Ultraman", a reference to the Japanese superhero of the same name on which Way Big's appearance and powers are based.

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