Professor Paradox
Paradox MS
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age 100,000+
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Plumbers, Ben Tennyson
Occupation Time Traveler
Previous Occupation Scientist
Team Ben Tennyson's Group
Partner None
Base of Operations Event Horizon
Weapons None
Personal Status
Relatives None
Education N/A

Professor Paradox, sometimes and simply called Paradox, is an immortal time traveler and an ally of Ben Tennyson, serving occasionally as a guiding influence towards him. His arch-nemesis is fellow time traveler Eon.


Paradox is a tall man with brown hair and brown eyes. He tends to wear a white lab coat, a brown dress shirt with a black tie, and long black pants. He wears a pair of protective goggles around his neck, though he does not always use them. He carries a pocket watch, which a number of people incorrectly assume is the source of his chronokinetic powers. He also carries a bag of gumballs in his other pocket, which he will withdraw from time to time.


Paradox is a calm, free-going man. He talks much like a stereotypical scientist, with dialogue requiring higher knowledge to understand completely. He has a taste for gumballs possibly because they virtually don't age. He also has a habit of getting events that haven't happened yet (from the perspective of those he's talking to) and those that have (from his perspective) mixed up, due to his travels through time. His calm personality also makes it difficult to tell when he's joking or not. Nonetheless, he can be serious when the situation requires him to do so.

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