Quilge Opie
Race Quincy
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Vandenreich
Base of Operations Vandenreich Palace
Primary Skill
Spirit Weapon Reishi Sword
Signature Skill Reishi Cages

Quilge Opie is the executive hunting captain of the first Jagdarmee of the Vandenreich. He possesses the designation "J" - "The Jail" and is known as Quilge Opie of "the Jail".


Quilge's head is largely shaved, with a crop of black hair on top. He has round spectacles that feature an in-built two-way radio in their frame, allowing him to maintain contact with the Wandenreich's base of operations even while located within Hueco Mundo. He wears a variant of the typical Wandenreich uniform with white trousers, black boots and a white top fastened by a black belt with decorative buckle. He also wears a short white cape and a white hat with a black peak.


Quilge has a strongly authoritative personality, as shown through his command to the subjugated Arrancar to kneel in front of him. As noted by his subordinates, Quilge often acts in a barbarous manner when individuals do not understand the true meaning of his words. He is also critical of the actions of his subordinates, and killing one of them for cowarding from battle. Despite his casual nature, Quilge is shown as particularly unforgiving to those who show any signs of resistance. He is also highly arrogant, namely when he disparages Aizen  choice of underlings in the Espada.

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