Rudbornn Chelute
Rudobornn Chelute
Race Arrancar
Birthday January 8
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status

Rudbornn Chelute, sometimes called Rudobon, is an Arrancar  in Sōsuke Aizen's  army, and the sole member and founder of the Exequias.


Unlike most Arrancar, his face is hidden. He is distinguished from the other Exequias with his bull-shaped skull, instead of the typical human-shaped skulls his subordinates wear.


Rudbornn seems rather calm and rational, as shown when he chose not to attack Captain Retsu Unohana and Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu when they arrived in Hueco Mundo. During his fight with Rukia Kuchiki, he shows a more arrogant side by telling Rukia that his power was like that of a god.

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