Shinichi Sanban-Banabara
Race Cyborg (formerly Human)
Birthday February 14
Age Early 20's
Gender Male
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Professional Status
Affiliation ARMOR
Occupation Kamen Rider, ARMOR Agent
Partner Ben Tennyson (on-off)
Base of Operations ARMOR HQ
Weapons Kamen Rider Armor
Personal Status
Relatives Rena Ryuuguu (girlfriend)
Education N/A

Shinichi Sanban-Banabara, or Kamen Rider Showa, is a member of ARMOR, a Kamen Rider, and an ally of Ben Tennyson.


Shinichi is a Japanese male in his early twenties with indigo hair and eyes. His hair is cut short and parted in the middle with bangs and two strands that extend at the top like bug antennae. His clothing consists of a black, double-breasted coat worn over a shirt with matching pants and boots.


Shinichi is often depicted as friendly and cheerful. However, deep down he is a complex and very dark individual. When on the job he is completely focused on the task at hand. He also has a habit of taking things on his own, neglecting the help of others as he normally prefers to work alone save for certain situations. He also believes in preparations and is capable of assessing a situation without jumping to conclusions. However, he can still be overtaken by anger which will result in him making irrational decisions. He is also secretive and not open about his dark past, which is why he doesn't speak much about it. He also appears to care about his family as he carries a picture of them with him.


When Shinichi was six years old he was kidnapped by a mysterious organization and turned into a cyborg. For ten years the organization had him trained to become their ultimate weapon. However, after years of cruelty which resulted in the deaths of his comrades he finally defected and left. The trauma left him with amnesia and he found himself in a village where he befriended the local teenagers, especially Rena, the girl who found him, who later became his girlfriend. However, when demons emerged, he transformed into Kamen Rider Showa. Later, the organization tried to capture him but he fought back. He gained new powers and in the end defeated the organization. Since then he's been fighting against any evil force that dares to threaten his world and has made many allies.

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