Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Cybernetic Enhancements: As a cyborg, Shinichi's body has been augmented and optimized for combat. His body had gone through so many modifications that he himself a lethal weapon. Dangerous in combat, Shinichi is not someone to be underestimated. He is stronger, faster, and has sharper senses and better reflexes than other biological beings. His cybernetics have also been augmented into his brain, allowing his brain to work like a super-computer so that he can analyse the situation and calculate a response in a split-second. His body is also quite durable, inhumanly so, and he can walk off from a fight without a scratch.

Magical Enhancements: Shinichi has access to mystical weapons and armor. For specific combat conditions and situations, he dons a different suit of armor. He has a samurai-like armor which enhances his swordsmanship, a ninja-like armor which gives him the abilities of a ninja, and an oni-like armor which gives him elemental attacks, stronger armor, and wicked claws. Finally, he has shown to have a dragon-like armor which arms him with claws, wings and a tail. He also has a magical skill where he animated paper cranes to use as scouts and spies.

Combat Prowess: Shinichi was able to fight Ben on equal terms. His cybernetic and magical enhancement also aid him. His fighting style is said to be straight-forward and agressive as he always fights to win. He is adept at using a variety of weapons and can even fight unarmed. By default, his most favored weapon is a sword. Specifically, the Higurashi no Yaiba which he uses to slay demons. He's also a well-balanced fighter, able to adapt at long, mid or close-ranged combat.

Kamen Rider Armor: Shinichi's full power can only be utilized when he uses his Kamen Rider Armor. Like any suit of armor, the suit provides protection and increases his durability. His armor is also a part of himself and allows him greater feats of physical prowess. This armor also forms the basis of his other transformations and without it he can only rely on his other skills.

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