Shunsui Kyoraku
Race Shinigami
Birthday July 11
Gender Male
Height 6'3½"
Weight 191 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society, Kyoraku Family
Position Captain of the 8th Division
Division 8th Division
Partner Nanao Ise
Jushiro Ukitake
Previous Partner Lisa Yadomaru
Base of Operations 8th Division HQ, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Older Brother
Education Shin'o Academy
Shikai Katen Kyokotsu
Bankai Unknown

Shunsui Sozosa Kyoraku no Jiro, more commonly and simply called Shunsui Kyoraku, is the captain of the 8th Division in the Gotei 13. His lieutenant is Nanao Ise.


Shunsui is a tall, light-skinned Shinigami with high cheekbones, grey eyes and long wavy brown hair. His hair is tied in a long ponytail and has long bangs that frame the left side of his face. He also has a noticeable amount of body hair on his chest, feet, and arms. He wears a straw hat (called a sakkat) and a pink, flowered lady's kimono, which he drapes across his shoulders and over his captain's uniform. Although his haori and obi sash are cheap, his pin-wheel hairpins are very expensive. He does not wear tabi with his sandals. He has thin facial hair around his mouth and on his cheeks.


Shunsui is a laid back and flamboyant man, evident in his style of dress and general attitude, and he is rarely seen without a smile. In his off time, he often drinks sake in bars and naps. He likes steamed buns that go with sake, but dislikes powdered green tea. Other times, he likes to chase after women, particularly his lieutenant, Nanao Ise, whom he calls "my Nanao-chan" and his former lieutenant, Lisa Yadomaru. He tends to use a more casual speech style than many other captains. He generally refers to his fellow captains and Shinigami by their first name followed by an honorific.

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