Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Cero Cornea (Spanish for "Zero Cornea"): Tesla is capable of firing a small Cero from the pupil of his eye. The blast is powerful enough to destroy boulders.

Sonído: Like most Fracción, Tesla is skilled at Sonído. He was able to place himself between Chad and Nnoitra in order to block Chad's final attack. During the short battle between Ichigo and Nnoitra, when ordered to restrain Orihime, Tesla uses Sonído to get behind her. After Nel's transformation, Tesla made sure to keep anyone from interfering with the fight; he quickly kicks Ichigo out of the way and once again, restrains Orihime.


Verruga (Spanish for "Wart"): When sealed, it takes the unusual form of a rapier with a chakram embedded into the blade just above the hilt, and spikes on the hilt rim. The guard seems to be made of a kind of scaled ribbing.

Tersa's sword

Tersa's sword

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