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Coyote StarrkEdit

Not much is known about Ulquiorra's interactions with Starrk.

Ben TennysonEdit

At first, Ulquiorra and Ben were on neutral terms, due to each other's own personal views of difference between allies and enemies. However; since moving to Bellwood, over time Ulquiorra has come to accept Ben as an ally and was even willing to train him to sword fight. He is also enraged about Will Harangue's smear campaign, thinking to himself that while feelings of friendship never mattered to him back in Hueco Mundo, he hopes Ben thinks of him as a friend.

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Orihime Inoue Edit

Ulquiorra first considered Orihime as trash, but when he first sees Orihime's powers he becomes impressed by them. Later he kidnaps her and brings her to Huenco Mundo so Aizen can use her power to awake the Hõgyoku, later Aizen set him as her Carekeeper and brings her meals during her time in Heunco Mundo then he become intrigued by humans and the heart. During his last battle Ichigo says that he's becoming more hollow or that Ulquiorra is becoming more human, then at the end of the battle as he fades away he asks Orihime if she's afraid and says she's not then he reaches out to her and she tries to grab his hand and it fades away and he says that his heart is in her hands.


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Will HarangueEdit

On the outside, Ulquiorra supports Will Harangue's smear campaign, and has offered him evidence that Harangue can use against Ben, but in reality, this is nothing but a pretext. Kevin and Ulquiorra are actually working together to destroy Harangue's campaign, as such a thing angers him, especially after Kevin tells Ulquiorra about the Stalker.


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