Ultimate Cannonbolt is the evolved form of Cannonbolt.


Ultimate Cannonbolt has hard light metallic blue skin. His shell has cylindrical studs that turn into spikes when he goes into his ball form. He has two on each back segment and one on each shoulder, wrist and leg plates. His teeth are similar to Cannonbolt's, but he has two sharp teeth.

Ultimate Cannonbolt wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Sphere FormEdit

Ultimate Cannonnbolt's sphere form is similar to Cannonbolt, but grey. The spikes on the armor get pointed when in sphere form.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ultimate Cannonbolt has powers similar to Cannonbolt's, but Ultimate Cannonbolt's shell has spikes on it and increased defense and offensive abilities.

Ultimate Cannonbolt has increased speed, momentum and can bounce higher.

Ultimate Cannonbolt is able to take hits from Sunder's energy axe, only being pushed back.

According to the Galactic Racing website and Eugene, Ultimate Cannonbolt can fire his spikes as projectiles.

Ultimate Cannonbolt seems to be able to withstand radiation, as he was able to hold P'andor while Kevin got him back in his armor.


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