Ultimate Spidermonkey
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Race Evolved Arachnichimp
Planet Aranhaschimmia
Power Enhanced Strength

Web Spit Enhanced Agility Sharp Spider Legs Scaling Walls

Affiliation Ultimatrix

Ultimate Spidermonkey is the evolved form of Spidermonkey.


Ultimate Spidermonkey has a large gorilla body with purple skin and black fur. Ultimate Spidermonkey has lost Spidermonkey's tail and extra pair of arms, but they get replaced with two pairs of retractable spider legs that can fold into his waist.

Ultimate Spidermonkey wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ultimate Spidermonkey is stronger than Spidermonkey.

By splitting his lower jaw in two halves, Ultimate Spidermonkey can shoot webs from his mouth, much more than Spidermonkey can shoot from his tail.

Ultimate Spidermonkey's spider legs can pull things and break them almost like he is using his hands.

In Cosmic Destruction, Ultimate Spidermonkey can pound the ground to make small shockwaves, and spin his spider legs around to damage enemies around him.

Ultimate Spidermonkey has high agility with his spider legs and has more agility then Spidermonkey.

Ultimate Spidermonkey can fold his spider legs into his hips, and attack with the tips of his spider legs as they're sharp.


Ultimate Spidermonkey doesn't appear to be very durable.

Ultimate Spidermonkey can't breathe in space.


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