Ultimate Wildmutt
Ultimate Wildmutt
Race Evolved Vulpimancer
Planet Vulpin
Power Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability Enhanced Agility Enhanced Hearing Enhanced Smelling Sharp Teeth Sharp Claws Sharp Tail

Affiliation Ultimatrix

Ultimate Wildmutt is the evolved form of Wildmutt.


Ultimate Wildmutt is significantly larger and more muscular than Wildmutt. His fur is maroon-red color. He has four huge gray/white spikes running down its back that overlap. These spikes start out as a shark-like fin at the head and rising almost into an arc over the back, tapering near the rump. He also has a long tail whose tip has a horn resembling a scorpion sting. His lips are black, like Wildmutt in the original series.

Ultimate Wildmutt wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ultimate Wildmutt has Wildmutt's incredible sense of smell and is physically stronger than him. He also, unlike Wildmutt, has the ability to speak.

Ultimate Wildmutt has more agility than Wildmutt and in addition to his enhanced smell, he has enhanced hearing as well as a sharp tail, claws and teeth used for close range combat.


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