Powers & AbilitiesEdit

High Spiritual Power: Ururu was able to fight and injure an Arrancar who had been fighting Renji Abarai, who was using his Bankai at 20% power.

Enhanced Strength: Despite her meekness and size, she is terrifyingly strong to the point of attacking with
Ururu about to kick Ichigo.

Ururu about to kick Ichigo.

lethal punches and kicks. A single kick was enough to draw blood from Yylfordt Granza.

Enhanced Speed: She can move at high speeds, catching both Ichigo and an Arrancar off guard, as well as dodging attacks from close range.

Suspension in the Air: Ururu has the ability to be suspended in the air while spinning like the Shinigami can, as if there is an invisible platform in the air.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Ururu is a highly potent fighter, able to easily dodge Ichigo's punches and kicks. She is able to defeat him with ease. Kisuke Urahara stated Ururu had sufficient combat skills to fight a Shinigami. She was also able to injure and force Yylfordt Granz into using his Resurrección form using those same skills.

Genocide Mode: When Ururu senses unusual spiritual pressure, such as that of an Arrancar, she will react to it by sleepwalking and will attack those she perceives as threats.

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