Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman Strength: Sado possesses a remarkable amount of strength for a Human. With little effort, he lifted a steel beam that had fallen on him. He can effortlessly throw another person half a block away with one arm. Sado fought a Hollow with his bare fists, and is strong enough to break a telephone pole and swing it like a bat. He effortlessly threw off the Hollow creature helpers of Shrieker. His strength is further enhanced by his armored arms, allowing him to take on those bigger than himself with relative ease; with a single punch, he was able to take left arm off the Hollow, Bulbous G. He can aid himself in a safe descent to the ground when falling from high above with tremendous force. He nonchalantly bent an unseated Shinigami's Zanpakutō. He is so strong that when he effortlessly punched a 3rd Seat Shinigami, he sent him flying away half a block, defeating him. He punched a large Arrancar in the face, shattering his mask remnant and send him flying a good distance. In its true form, his right arm is powerful enough to take on a former Espada, send him flying a great distance through a wall, and give him a considerable injury. With his left arm, he stopped and crushed Gantenbainne's most powerful attack.

  • Chad Catapult (チャド・カタプルト, Chado Katapuruto): A technique used by Sado to launch an ally into the air.
  • Grua Tirar (クレーン投げ(グルーア・ティラール), Gurūa Tirāru; Japanese and Spanish for "Crane-Throw") A technique involving a shoulder throw, reminiscent of seoi-nage, that allows Sado to hurl an opponent of gigantic proportions effortlessly.

Enhanced Durability: Sado is unnaturally resistant to damage. He withstood a falling steel beam, which bent upon contact with his back, relatively unfazed.He took a head-on collision with a motorcycle; while the driver was seriously injured, he walked away with only minor injuries. He sustained a clawed attack to his back by the Hollow Shrieker which would have been fatal for anyone else.When his arms are armored, he attains an even greater level of endurance, allowing him to withstand relentless beatings and being thrown into structures without showing any signs of injury.His durability becomes great enough to block incoming attacks and blasts.He is highly resilient mentally, able to endure a powerful attack to his psyche and continue fighting. In its true form, his right arm is durable enough to effortlessly block attacks from a former Espada.

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