Yhwach 4
Race Quincy
Age 1000+
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Vandenreich
Epithet A
Base of Operations Vandenreich HQ
Primary Skill
Spirit Weapon Reishi Sword

Yhwach is the monarch of the Vandenreich. He possesses the designation "A".


Yhwach is a tall man, whose long face has a broad chin and pronounced cheekbones. He has long black hair, which reaches to his lower back, and reddish-brown eyes with thin eyebrows. He has well-kept mutton chops which connect with a mustache, but is otherwise clean-shaven. His usual attire consists of a white, double-breasted trench coat, which has the Vandenreich symbol in the middle, with large buttoned cuffs and lapels, white trousers, and trench boots. Over this, he wears a tattered, ankle-length black cloak, which has a red ribbon near the neck and is fastened to the left with a single large button.


Yhwach is a racist, war-loving, and brutal man who relishes battle and scorns concepts such as honor and compassion as things that make people weak. He despises Shinigami, particularly the current Gotei 13, for becoming weak over the millennia. This is particularly notable in his relationship with Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, whom he deeply respected and feared when they were younger, but now believes has grown soft. He also bears a xenophobic (even Nazi-esque) hatred for Arrancar, even ones who have sworn allegiance to him, fully intending to dispose of them once they are of no further use to him.

He seems to treat his Quincy subordinates differently, outwardly referring to them as if they were his children. However, given the fact that he heartlessly robbed "impure" Quincies of their powers to build up his own over the years, it is extremely likely that he views all of his subordinates as tools to be disposed of once they have served their purpose. He rules his underlings with an iron fist, hypocritically saying that he does not allow conflict amongst their ranks.


Yhwach is credited with being the progenitor of the Quincy. He is their king, and his blood flows in every Quincy. About 1,000 years ago, under unknown circumstances, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto failed to kill him. Sometime around or during the course of this event, Yhwach witnessed the capabilities of Yamamoto's Bankai, Zanka no Tachi. After his battle with Yamamoto, Yhwach supposedly lost his powers. Quincy folklore spoke of him as "The Sealed King": after 900 years of being sealed, he would regain his pulse, after another 90, he would regain his intellect, and after 9 more years, he would absorb the power of every "impure" Quincy to make their abilities his own. With Auswählen, he did this to Kanae Katagiri, killing her, and to Masaki Kurosaki, who died during her fight with Grand Fisher due to the loss of her powers, all "impure" Quincy were killed except for Uryu Ishida. It is revealed that this song is called "Kaiser Gesang" (German for The Emperor's Song) and that there is another verse stating that "The Sealed King" would also regain the world after 9 days.

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